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REDBOX GIFTS | Experience gift company

REDBOX GIFTS — Seasoned entrepreneurs Natalie Maxwell-Davis and Jennie Claringbold launched Redbox Gifts to bring 'experience gifts' to the Asian market. The business, an instant hit, grew fast and was soon offering over 200 experiences through its website. Natalie and Jennie sold Redbox Gifts in 2015. The business continues to thrive, selling experiences to individuals and corporations throughout the region.

The brief: To create content for the company’s landing page and website prior to the launch. Supporting marketing material was also generated (press releases, emails, blogs, blurbs, marketing material and feature articles) and strategic advice was given to raise brand awareness, generate leads and enhance the user experience.

Working with: Natalie Maxwell-Davis, owner

How did it go?

"What I value most about Vittoria is her ability to use words to bring a brand to life. She’s also very easy to work with—creative, proactive, responsive and systematic.

Initially we employed her to help us get through the work, but she brought such a different perspective to the task that her role morphed from just writing words to helping us bring our brand alive. Vittoria's descriptions of our business and the experiences we sell helped create the brand we aspired to. Not only did she understand our business but she took our sketchy, inarticulate ideas and created the positioning we desired. She brought an authenticity to descriptions of experiences that provided credibility and made them highly desirable. She also made our business sound interesting, fun and desirable."

Natalie Maxwell-Davis, founder and co-owner of Redbox Gifts

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